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 Welcome to drgaming.co.uk or deathreigns.com or nealbax.co.uk

 News -
OMG - X3 : Reunion Has Gone Gold !!!! -  16 / 10 /05
 Thats right people X3 : Reunion has gone gold and should hit stores around 28th of October
 in the UK.
 I have be looking forward to this game for along time now if you don't know this game is
 an Elite type game with modern day Graphics and these look great in this game.
 If u want to have a look head on over to Egosoft's Website and have a look and if u want
 you can per-order there as well.

 It Seems Xmas is coming early this year :) Quake 4 , X3 , BnW 2 , The Movies , UFO : AS
 can it get any better lets hope not cos i'm gonna have an heart attack at this rate.
Site Update - 11 / 10 / 05
 Right people big update of the site screenshots are now all done and working going to be
 adding more downloads , benchmarks , links , game movies , and more soon now I got some
 spare time.

 Black and White 2 -
 Well had the game a few days and I must say it is good but not what we hoped it is still a very
 good game but lacks a few things and feels a bit unfinished I only hope that an addon will
 fill in these gaps in another wise good game.
 hmm I should get a review up I think :)

 Quake 4 -
 With only 2 weeks away from coming out it might be time to get out your old quake3 and start
 praccying a little from some of the previews and reviews I have read it is much like quake3
 but lacks the feel of a modern games.
 Well sorry but quake isn't modern its a classic frag school game. 

Quake 4 Gold  / Black And White 2 Gold - Out This Week - 06 / 10 / 05
 Well it been awhile since I posted anything here because of work and other things but
 I just wanted to let people know that Black And White 2 is coming out this week here In the
 UK and US ( 6th Oct ) the rest of Europe will get it on the ( 14th Oct ).

 Quake 4 is now god and should hit the stores around the 21st of Oct so get ready to frag
 people I just hope it is as good as quake 2 / 3 was so I can get back to my fav pass time

 The Movies is now gold and should be with us sometime in November this is lionheads 3rd gold
 game in the pass few month they are really going for it Great Going Guys.
Dungeon Siege II Gold / Site Updated
 Well the good news is the screenshot area has been updated again now with even more links
 to my screens still a hell of a lot more to add I forgot how may screens I had taken over the
 pass few years. :)

 On another note Dungeon Siege II is gold so it will be hitting store soon I have been looking
 forward to this game for a while I have also played the demo and yes yes I know what some
 of you people think the graphics are dated and its not true to the first Dungeon Siege.
 But maybe some of you people forget that a Good Game doesn't need good graphics its needs
  it needs a great story, a good engine and great game play which I think from the demo this
 will  have all I ask is that you give it ago.

 If you haven't tried the F.E.A.R Demo yet and have a good PC  give it a lot I think it could
 be a good scare and a great game from the demo.

GuildWars Music Video !!!! - 19 / 07 / 05
 While my site was down I worked on learning a bit of video editing and I used the game
 GuildWars which is not a bad game watch the video and let me know what u think.
 The video uses parts of the game which I got two in the GuildWars end beta this is my
 First video I have ever done so its not great but not bad I think.
 To Download just click on the link on the left.
ScreenShots Back And Updated - 19 / 07 / 05
 While I'm still setting up the screenshot area of the site I have just uploaded all my screens
 with updated shots.
 In the next few days I'll have all the screenshots up and running on the screenshot section of
 the website.

Dungeon Siege 2 - GOLD !!!! - 19 / 07 / 05
 While updating the site I have seen that Dungeon Siege 2 is now gold and should be in store
 around 16th so get ready for some late nights out there.

 I'm Back Again !!!! - 19 / 07 / 05
 After along while offline the site is back because of a small bug the site was here but not
 not on the web but not the problem as been solved it back here to stay with an upgraded
 package which covers more space so I can start putting more things up.

I'm Back - 7 / 3 / 05
 Sorry for the long time this hasn't been updated but I've been a bit busy with work and
 with games as well.
 As u might have worked out the drgaming.co.uk hasn't been working for some reason I am
 trying to get it fixed as quick as I can

Half Life 2 - GOLD !!!!! - World Of Warcraft  - 18 / 11 / 04
 VU Games have announced that HALF LIFE 2 has gone gold and will be hitting the shops
 around November 16th in the USA and I hope the same time in the UK but who knows.
 PS. You can preload HALF LIFE 2 on steam and get it on the day of release so no trying to
 find a copy in the shops.
Forgot Some News - 10 / 10 / 04
 Half Life 2 is now ready to be pre-ordered on steam which I have done.
 now I like to clear something up it seems some people which on steam your only buying
 the multiplayer version of half life 2 not the full game well to all your out there your
 wrong its the FULL GAME no one would buy a multiplayer game at the same price of the
 full game.
 Any way if u Pre-order Half Life 2 you get to start playing Counter Strike : Source right
 away now which I same doing So look out for D3athReigns.

I'm Back - 10 / 10 /04
 After a month of no updates I'm back sorry for the long delay but had a few problems with
 my upgrade so lets me explain.
 First off I have two systems one for chatting and exploring the other is my gaming pc with
 the best I can afford for it.
 Ok now we got that worked out I was building my new Pro pc when my one of my Servers 
 Hard Drives died on me [ There's my Luck ] so I decided to rebuild my server Pc using
 the old parts off my Pro PC so apart from GFX cards there both Power PCS :))) Specs Below.

Server PC -
 1Gig DDR 3200
 Asus Motherboards
 Geforce 4
 1 x Maxtor HD 120G
 1 x Maxtor HD 160G
 2 x WD SATA HD 250G

 Pro PC -
 AMD 64 3500+
 Abit AV8
 2Gig DDR 4000
 Geforce 6 Ultra
 2 x WD HD SATA - Raptor - 74G

New System - 14 / 9 / 04
 Just ordered almost a hole new system going from intel to amd here is what I have ordered
 1 - AMD Athlon 64 3500 (Socket 939) - Retail
 1 - Abit AV8 (Socket 939) Motherboard
 1 - Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA 8MB Cache - OEM
 1 - Coolermaster Wave Master - Silver (No PSU)
 2 - Akasa Hard Disk Cooler - Blue
 2 - OCZ 1GB (2x512MB) PC4000 Dual Channel Series EL-DDR
 2 - Akasa Serial ATA 60cm Silver Data Cable
 1 - IdeaZon Zboard with Crossfire Gaming Keyset

 Now I have a Raptor in my system already so i'm getting another one so I can use the raid.
 Also u can see the memory I have got is a PC4000 which will let me Overclock to my hearts 

Doom3 Is Out - 13/ 9 / 04
 Doom3 is out and I have my copy well I got myn on the 12th thanks to gameplay.co.uk
 So look out for me as u never know who's your be battling online.
 New Doom3 Area added to Screenshot with my first shots of me playing online winning 4 out
 of  5 games not bad for my first game

Geforce 6800 Ultra BFG - 11 / 9 / 04
 Got my new GFX card today just in time for Doom3  :)
 Good FS from this new card at 1600X1024 in Ultra mode  getting 63fps and in X2rolling Demo 
 i'm getting 121fps at 1240x1024 which is doubled from what I was getting for far looking good
 I will be adding a Benchmark page soon.

 Sad Day For Babylon5 Fans - No Real Date -

 Richard Biggs passed away on May 22nd. He was just 43 years old.
 My thoughts go out to his family and close friends. He will be sorely  
 Its not up to date in but I wanted to post it any how.
 Found a Great video to help you Remember Richard Biggs - In Memory Of Richard Biggs