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 Welcome to drgaming.co.uk or deathreigns.com or nealbax.co.uk

History -
I first joined a clan in 1998 if I remember right [KAA - Kick Ass Angels] Angel [ Clan Leader ]
 found me on
darkhour a server all us early quake2 players remember with it online website
 over the first few weeks thing where fine before a few problems came up.
 After this we merged with mob to become clan
[KAM - Kick Ass Moose] angel soon left us
 and jigger became leader all was well for a while longer then one day we called
[KAM] off for
 for reasons I can not remember.

 For a while after I travelled about joining
[CGS - Come Get Some] for a while then I left to play
[ For Anyone who doesn't know ITS A GAME ] and I was ace at it for as long as it lived.

 So back to Quake2 I came before my brother said I had to join his clan because he saw me
 playing on a Deathmatch server which I was destroying.

[DOS]DeathReigns was born [DOS - Defenders Of Strogg ]   and I play for them for along
 time before they feel.

 Other Clans I have played for -

REG - Regulators QII / QIII
 Good Friendly Clan I Still keep talking to these guys and help them out the best I can I have
 been helping them since 1999 in the early days of Quake2 when I first met Reggy or
 SheepShag as he was called then On Easynet on one of the singleplayer level where we got on
 well and have been talking ever since your find a link to there page on my links page or vitst
 there IRC channel

 I first played for
XTC on wireplay I had only been in for 1 - 2 days before the leader
 vanished so I keep playing but then one day on a server Orion ask me what I was doing using
XTC tag I explained to him and he understood so I left and went to the vast sea of other
 clans there was in them days.

 I returned much later to
XTC from what was left of DOS Origin put me on trail [ Can u Believe
 ME on trail ]
all was well for a few days but soon CLAN CS [ Top clan in the uk at that time ] saw
 see and asked me to join so I couldn't of said no.
 I'm sure I upset Origin leave for
CS but if I had been a full member I wouldn't have but being a
 trainee left the door open to me.

SH - SoulHunters -QII
 This Clan was born out of the Death of
[ASSA - ASSAsins] where Death then clan leader was
  leaving to move to the USA so i could not keep the name as it was just crap.
SH was born where I was the leader and my brother Bloodhound as he was called in SH
  was the my 2nd we play mainly weekends and we grow over time I and Sin played in the
 ChaosDM league where we ruled easily for along time before trouble began.

EI - Evil Incarnate - QII
 I first joined EI in hmm I can't remember must of been in 1999/2000 where I played in the
 Jailbreak league after a while Cry our leader left us and we was without power for a long-time
 before our come back.
 Our comeback started in the ukccl where we washed thought Division by Division all the way
 up till i think it was the 3rd or 2nd can't remember but in our last game that we need to win we
 where winning in the last min by 1 frag and we was hiding well most of us was but one player 
 went in his big headiness and try and kill someone and they died not one but twice
[ can't 
 remember might have been only once ]
so we lost and our unbeaten record was lost as well so 
 ended the best clan I have ever play for.
 Ei never realy died they are still about but will never be the same again And remember Me and 
 DEV to all you old Quake2 clans F3AR us. 

 Can't remember much about this clan sorry guys apart from a good mate Migger who wasn't
 the greatest player but got leadership of
N3D when it wasn't going well and turned it around
 with help from me and my brother
N3D lasted along time and I hope is still going now.   

13th - QIII RA3
 I first joined
13th after I was found on a public RA3 server by Mono we played in a few league 
 for a while but not much happened after a while mono left and glau
13th is still going but are
 inactive so come on by in irc anytime the channel is #13th.

 I first join Psyko when a friend from
13th Glau got me in and then started some great game
 play over the next months we played and won lots of games Psyko is still going but i'm
 inactive since I've moved to ut2004.

TDK - The Dark Knights - UT99 CTF
 I joined
TDK with fellow EI player Diablo I became very good at UT in a very short time and so 
 started a good short golden age in which I played in a UT CTF league my best moment was
 when we played
SS in the finally div2 game we lost the game but in both games  I got the flag
 and scored my score was the same as the
SS team but me alone could not hold them off.